WWE News: Paul Heyman on whether he will run a pro wrestling company again, whether Brock Lesnar will return to UFC, their return to WWE, whether he has to hold back on the mic with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

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Aug 17, 2012 - 06:12 PM

WWE personality Paul Heyman appeared on Mark Madden's radio show on The X 105.9 in Pittsburgh, Pa. on Friday and discussed a variety of topics. The following are the highlights of the interview, which can be heard at

-Heyman acknowledged that Brock Lesnar wanted him to come in when he initially returned to WWE. Heyman acknowledged that he wouldn't have come back for anyone other than Lesnar. "This is truly a once in a lifetime phenomenon," Heyman said. He raved about Brock's credentials and accomplishments. "This is a freak of nature, this is a force of nature, this is a once in a lifetime guy," he said.

-Heyman was asked whether they use Lesnar correctly. "The question is whether they know how to market the UFC Brock," he replied. He said WWE isn't in the UFC marketing business, they're in the WWE marketing business. "I don't know if they have the marketing ingenuity to market him as a UFC guy, which is also why I think I got tagged in," he said.

-Heyman said it may have taken him longer to get back in the groove on the mic had he been assigned to someone else. "When you ask me to talk about Brock Lesnar, I can go on all day long," he said. "It's easy for me. I understand him, I know him, respect him, I love him, I admire him. It's easy for me to talk about Brock Lesnar."

-Heyman said he doesn't have to hold back anything while on the mic with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

-Heyman was asked about the possibility of Brock Lesnar returning to MMA. "I think Brock's had his run in MMA. Do I think if the deal was right, would he do it? I think Brock is a businessman who looks at cash influx and if the deal was right I think he would very much consider it. Do I suspect it's going to happen? No, I think Brock had his fill of UFC. I think he proved his point. I think he has positioned himself in the world as a legitimate athlete. Here's the thing about Brock, everything he has is paid for... He doesn't need anything. At his core, he's a farmer."

-Heyman was asked whether he ever envisions himself running a wrestling company again. "Do I think it will ever happen? I don't know. I don't predict it will happen. If the deal is right, if the money is on the table, if the check is gonna clear, if the networks are in line, I'm game to do it. I'll take anybody on."

-Heyman said that if he did, it wouldn't be hardcore. He said the core of ECW was getting over new talent. He said that when he wrote Smackdown, he had different talent and a different budget to work with. "If I was to start tomorrow with a blank piece of paper and a multi, multi, multi-million dollar budget, it would look nothing like ECW did in the '90s because ECW was a product of its time - extreme or hardcore wrestling was a product of its time," he said. "The concept that we did then was innovative or new or different back then. I would look for what is new and innovative and different today. And I dare suggest that it would look nothing like ECW. If it did look like ECW, it would not be imaginative. I think if anything I would want to come up with something that feeds on the imagination and is innovative and totally state of the art."

-Madden questioned what it says about pro wrestling and the agendas being served when people like him and Jim Ross are not in creative roles. "It just means that we're non-conformists and we're unwilling to confirm to the system to change it from within," Heyman said. He said he thinks Jim Ross changed it from within by changing the system of recruitment and talent development.

-Heyman was asked whether there was a moment when he knew they were onto something with ECW. He said it was when the fans chanted "ECW" after the three-way dance with Shane Douglas, Terry Funk, and Sabu.

-Heyman was asked about his favorite act. "I loved watching the development of the Raven character," he replied. He said Scott Levy did two-and-a-half years of legendary promos. He also said he loved watching Taz's character development, and he loved watching Rob Van Dam at his peak. He also raved about the brilliance of The Dudleys, and said he feels Bully Ray is the best thing in TNA. He said the audience was smart, yet the Dudleys had those same fans wanting to kill them two minutes into their promos. "That's an art form," Heyman said. "Who else could do that today?"

-Heyman was asked what it's like to be in the main event of SummerSlam. "It's blissful," Heyman said. "I'm having a blast with Brock. This has been a really interesting run. It was totally unexpected, especially by me, and we're having a blast doing this. It is the main event and it is the second biggest show of the year right behind WrestleMania." He said you can usually pick the winner, but nobody can call this one. He said everybody has a prediction, but everybody has a different one. "Nobody knows," Heyman said. "And people are guessing about it and they're having fun guessing about it." He said it's been the most old school angle of them all because no one knows what they are doing or where they are going.

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