WWE News: Nexus leader Wade Barrett and Smackdown wrestler Drew McIntyre out indefinitely due to work visa issues

Jun 29, 2010 - 09:10 AM

Dot Net sources have confirmed online reports that Wade Barrett missed Monday's show because his work visa has expired. Likewise, WWE Smackdown wrestler Drew McIntyre is also facing a similar work visa issue. Both wrestlers are sidelined indefinitely.

"(This) is a bad oversight that you can't blame legal for as they can do only so much once they're told a visa is set to expire," says one former WWE employee. "It is a key responsibility of Talent Relations to keep tabs on all contracts and particulars pertaining to talent being in good legal standing in any which way."

Meanwhile, a second source stated the opinion that it's not a major problem in that Barrett and McIntyre simply had to return home to fill out the necessary paperwork. This source noted that someone from the legal department works with talent relations on these issues.

Powell's POV: The first source noted that similar issues have occurred in the past, but it's typically involved developmental wrestlers so it didn't create as many waves. I'm beginning to wonder if there's an anonymous WWE office worker screwing with The Nexus angle.

Okay, not really, but first Bryan Danielson was fired, and now Barrett is out indefinitely with work visa issues. I guess sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. If the second source's take is accurate, it doesn't sound like either wrestler faces a lengthy absence and this could blow over quickly.

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