WWE News: Matt Hardy predicts TNA wrestler Jeff Hardy will return to WWE, comments on rumors that ex-girlfriend Lita is dating C.M. Punk

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By By Jason Powell
Mar 27, 2010 - 12:51 PM

Matt Hardy stated in a chat on Friday that he doesn't believe brother Jeff Hardy will remain in TNA for the long haul. "Jeff can't handle the schedule right now," Matt said. "I think it's not going to be a long-term thing. I think as soon as his body heals up and he gets it together, he'll be back in the WWE again."

Hardy also stated that his ex-girlfriend Lita is not dating C.M. Punk. "CM Punk and Lita aren't dating right now," said Hard. "I don't have a problem with CM Punk either way, but that's not even true. They were definitely friends, hanging out for a little while, but I know they're not now." To read the full chat, visit

Powell's POV: TNA appears to be in a tough spot with Jeff. It would be great if they could center their advertising around him, but they probably can't with the legal situation hanging over his head and apparently some uncertainty regarding how long he'll be with the company. Hardy is signed to a TNA contract, but I'm not sure of the length.

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