WWE News: Linda McMahon slips in latest polls

Posted in: WWE News
Oct 10, 2012 - 01:06 PM

Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon has slipped some in the latest Rasmussen poll for the US Senate seat in Connecticut. McMahon, the Republican, trails Democrat Congressman Chris Murphy 51-46 when accounting for "leaners." Ignoring leaners, Murphy holds a one point lead, 46-45. You can see the full poll and crosstabs at

Shore's Slant: The poll was taken late Sunday after McMahon and Murphy held their first debate that morning. Connecticut is one of the bluest of blue states, so the fact that McMahon is even this close speaks volumes to not only Murphy's weak candidacy, but weakness at the top of the ticket. I do not expect Linda to win here, but if Democrats continue to struggle nationally, we could wake up to a big surprise the next morning. Whether she wins or loses, do not expect any change in WWE programming.

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