WWE News: Linda McMahon slips in latest Quinnipiac poll, now trails opponent Chris Murphy

Posted in: WWE News
Oct 24, 2012 - 04:09 PM

Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon trails US Congressman Christopher Murphy 49-43 in the latest Quinnipiac poll held October 19-22. McMahon, who was lead in the last two Quinnipiac polls, has lost ground on favorability, losing 6 points of favorability and gaining 12 points of unfavorability. You can read the full poll results at

Shore's Slant: Quinnipiac did not publish their voter turnout model for the poll (at least that I found), but the Presidential numbers included with the poll, where President Obama leads by 14 in a state he won by 22 points four years ago, lead me to believe it is a fair sampling. That said, more than 10 percent of the voters who identified with each Senate candidate say they could change their vote before Election Day.

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