WWE News: Linda McMahon's campaign disputes latest Quinnipiac poll, says internal polling shows her up by one

Posted in: WWE News
Oct 25, 2012 - 12:00 PM

Linda McMahon's campaign pushed back against a Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday that showed the former WWE CEO down by six points to Democrat Congressman Christopher Murphy in the race for the US Senate in Connecticut. McMahon's internal polling shows her up by one, and claims the Q-poll undersamples Republicans by six points. You can read more at

Shore's Slant: I could not find the breakout in the corsstabs yesterday, but I speculated whether the poll had right samples or not. It appeared to be a valid poll based on the Presidential numbers, but if the sample is D+14 as this article states, then it is way off, even in very-blue Connecticut.

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