WWE News: Linda McMahon political update

Posted in: WWE News
Jul 22, 2013 - 11:31 AM

Linda McMahon is still involved Connecticut politics by serving as a benefactor to the Republican party. "She's had every reason, after the outcome of her two races, to disappear, but she's done just the opposite,'' Republican State Chairman Jerry Labriola told the Hartford Courant. She's been active and helpful and I know she's dedicated to our party making a strong comeback in Connecticut. She wants to work behind the scenes to make Connecticut a better place."

McMahon rejected interview requests, but issued the following statement for the story: "I am continuing to work with Republican Party officials in Connecticut, helping the state's GOP candidates with fundraising and outreach in an effort to get more diverse representation. One-party rule is clearly not working for our state." Read more at

Powell's POV: The story features additional quotes from other Republican party leaders regarding her role behind the scenes. Even Rob Simmons, who lost the 2010 nomination to McMahon, had positive things to say about her role in the party.

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