WWE News: Josh Reddick of the Oakland A's love of wrestling profiled

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Mar 9, 2013 - 10:06 AM

Oakland A's star Josh Reddick, who just agreed to have a beard off with WWE star Daniel Bryan, was profiled in a story that focused on his love of wrestling for Sports on You can read the full article at Among the highlights:

Marking out when Triple H returned to Raw this year: "I was going nuts in my apartment. It worked out great because you know, the time difference here, and I don't stay up past 11 since I've been in spring training, so for him to come out right at the beginning of the show was awesome for me."

Where his replica WWE title belt came from: "Triple-H actually sent that to me last spring training. I had a plastic replica belt that I had bought a few years ago, and took to photo day last year. I guess he found the pictures, and Triple-H has always been my favorite wrestler -- he's always been my favorite, ever since I started watching. He sent that two days later and said, 'If you're going to have a belt you might as well have the real thing'."

What his character would be if he was a wrestler: "I'd be the Red Rocket, I think it works out well since I throw guys out on the baseball field. I'm not a very big guy, so my finisher would have to be a submission so I can get a guy to tap out. Maybe I'd go to the Ric Flair Figure-Four Leg Lock."

Shore's Slant: Reddick is a pretty funny guy based on this interview. It's a good read if for no other reason than the reporter is either a wrestling fan himself or one hell of a researcher. Thanks to Dot Net reader Brian for the tip.

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