WWE News: John Cena calls out Fandango to dance after Smackdown taping concludes

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Apr 10, 2013 - 05:47 PM

Dot Net reader David Crane sent along the following report about what happened after the dark match main event at the Smackdown tapings in Boston.

After the dark match main event Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Kane looked like they were going to hug. Cena got on the mic and asked the fans if they wanted to see a hug. Lots of "Yes!" chants. Cena said even in a tough town like Boston you can still hug another man and it doesn't make you less tough. He said Boston likes to hug, Boston likes to have a good time, Boston even likes to sing (lots of people at this point began to sing Fandangos music), and Boston likes to dance to Fandangos music. That got a big pop.

Cena asked Boston if they wanted Fandango to come out and entertain tonight? That got a big pop again. Fandango came out to the ring dancing. The crowd was mixed on reaction, but very loud with many fans singing. Cena asked if Boston liked Fandango. It was loud, but most of the
fans surprisingly booed fandango. Cena had a surprised reaction and asked "Boston doesn't like Fandango but you like his music?" He then asked Fandango to entertain the people.

Fandango refused because the Bostonian (Cena) could not pronounce his name right. Fandango said his name correctly and Cena pulled Fandango beside him. Cena said he wanted to do something nice for Boston because we deserved to be entertained, and instead Fandango was acting like a douche bag. Cena hit him, Kane choke slammed him, and Daniel bran choke slammed him.

Daniel Bryan's music played as they left, then Cena's played for a bit. Fandango was in the ring still laid out with the mic next to him. He said "Fan Dan Go" and then they played his music to close the show. Lots of people were singing out of the arena and into the streets. You will be able to hear it a few times in the Smackdown main event, as well as see signs for it in the audience. Although it should be noted it was nowhere near the level of the New York crowd, it was easily in the top three most over chants. Hopefully it continues next week.

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