WWE News: Jim Ross joins NBA voice to discuss WrestleMania, Paul Bearer, Undertaker vs. C.M. Punk, WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013, and more

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Mar 10, 2013 - 06:30 PM

WWE Hall of Famer joined Boston Celtics play-by-play voice Sean Grande for an interview on WEEI radio. Ross spoke about the death of Bill Moody (a/k/a Paul Bearer), WWE moving away from managers in the past, Undertaker's WrestleMania winning streak and whether C.M. Punk should be the person to end it. You can listen to the interview at

Powell's POV: Grande is a big wrestling fan and asked good questions throughout the 19-minute interview. The WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013 discussion was especially good, as Ross explained why he would open the event with Mick Foley. Ross also sat in on commentary during the Celtics vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game on Sunday. Ross ended the day happy, as his Thunder got the win. Thanks to Dot Net reader Robert Pereira for passing along the info.

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