WWE News: Jim Ross and The Miz radio recap - Jim Ross Appreciation Night, the hazing Miz endured due to his reality show background, Tough Enough, Jerry Lawler, and more

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Oct 1, 2012 - 11:07 AM

WWE stars Jim Ross and The Miz appeared on KATT 100.5 FM on Monday to promote tonight's Raw event in Oklahoma City. The following are the highlights of their appearance. You can listen to the segment at

-The host asked about Jerry Lawler off the top and how miraculous it is that he survived and is doing so well. Ross said he's not sure when Lawler will return to Raw. The host raved about how good Lawler looked in his video a couple days later. "I know one thing I discovered from that video," Ross said. "They sell Just For Men in Canada and spray tan." Ross added that he was only kidding and said he loves Lawler.

-Miz spoke about his reality show run. The host mentioned Jonny Fairplay and said people considered him a reality guy and not a wrestling guy. Miz said it seemed like everyone had that perception of him. He said he felt like any publicity was good publicity and so he did anything he could to make WWE recognize him. Meanwhile, Miz said he still has people approach him every day who recognize him from his reality television days.

-Ross praised Miz for having great charisma, drive, and work ethic. He said he heard stories when Miz debuted and noted that he wasn't welcomed with open arms by the veterans. Ross said Miz will be one of WWE's biggest stars by the time it's all said and done.

-Miz was asked whether he was concerned that guys would take a shot at him in the ring. "In WWE, you never know what's going to happen," Miz said. He added that people telling him he can't do something drives him to prove them wrong. He said JBL used to mock him and now shakes his hand and tells him what a great job he's done.

-Ross was asked whether what Miz has experienced is hazing. Ross said it's much like other sports and it's a right of passage. He said as an administrator you monitor it to make sure it doesn't get out of hand. Ross said they were unable to break Miz and now he's one of the guys.

-Miz was asked what happened to the guy who won his season of Tough Enough. "At that time, I was devastated," Miz said. He noted that it allowed him to go to Deep South Wrestling and hone his craft.

-Miz brought up Jim Ross Appreciation Night. The host asked Ross about all the abuse he's taken in Oklahoma City over the years. Ross cracked that he's had his ass beaten in Oklahoma City by the biggest names in the business.

-Miz said the reality show production company Bunim-Murray calls him every year to ask if he will return to do a reality show challenge. Miz said he tells them that he would go back and host, but his WWE schedule keeps him too busy to compete.

-Ross said he's not sure whether John Cena will be on the show. He noted that he's not in the main event and discussed his elbow injury.

Powell's POV: For those who don't recall, Daniel Puder won season four of WWE Tough Enough. Other season four contestants included Marty Wright, who worked as The Boogeyman, Nick Mitchell of Spirit Squad fame, and Ryan Reeves, who is better known today as Ryback.

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