WWE News: Jack Swagger notes

Posted in: WWE News
Feb 21, 2013 - 01:01 PM

Jack Swagger is not advertised for the weekend live events. However, he remains advertised for Monday's Raw, Tuesday's Smackdown, and upcoming live events and future television tapings.

Powell's POV: The WWE website has yet to address the issue of Swagger's arrest on DUI, marijuana possession, and speeding on Tuesday night in Biloxi, Mississippi. The only statement was issued to TMZ on Wednesday when a spokesman stated that Swagger is responsible for his own actions. I am curious to see how Swagger's home state media handles his arrest given that WWE will be taping Smackdown in Oklahoma City on Tuesday. It's also worth nothing that neither Swagger nor Zeb Colter are included on the WWE website main page in any of the featured stories.

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