WWE News: Former TNA creative team member appears on WWE Raw

Feb 11, 2013 - 10:32 PM

Former TNA creative team member Dutch Mantell debuted on Monday's Raw as Zeb Coulter, the new mouthpiece for Jack Swagger.

Powell's POV: The character is definitely controversial as he spoke of being a "patriot" and complained about Americans who don't look like him and don't talk like him. It appears they are setting up Swagger for a feud with Alberto Del Rio. The Coulter character's past history as Uncle Zeb was not ignored.

The Mantell family went through a lot recently after losing granddaughter Amelia in a tragic car accident, so it's very cool to see him get this opportunity. He's always been a hell of a talker and Swagger's act will benefit from his involvement. It's also encouraging to see WWE adding yet another manager type added to the mix.

By the way, Mantell granted us the first interview following his run as a TNA creative team member and a second interview following the release of one of his two books. Those interviews are available exclusively to Dot Net Members in the audio interview second.

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