WWE News: Forbes suggests WWE could triple its television right deals, lays out potential network suitors

Posted in: WWE News
Nov 5, 2013 - 05:45 PM

Forbes staff member Mike Ozanian labeled WWE a "hidden gem" due to the company potentially tripling its television rights revenue, which is currently listed at $140 million. Ozanian lists potential bidders for WWE's next television deal as Fox Sports 1, NBC Sports Network, and perhaps Netflix or Google. Read the story at [Thanks to Dot Net Member HiSpot]

Powell's POV: Vince McMahon told a caller during the second quarter financial report conference call that he would let the man put him in a hammerlock if WWE did not at least double it's current television revenue, but he has yet to go so far as to mentioned the possibility of tripling that revenue. It's worth nothing that NBC Sports Network is owned by NBC Universal. It's certainly possible that WWE could end up in business with NBC Sports Network as part of a new agreement with NBC Universal, but it would not be a case of NBC Sports Network bidding against USA Network since they are under the same umbrella.

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