WWE News: Fandango's theme makes top downloads list in UK iTunes store

Posted in: WWE News
Apr 10, 2013 - 02:00 PM

The theme for WWE star Fandango has reached as high as 12 on top songs in the UK on iTunes just two days after the crowd on Monday Night Raw sang the tune over and over during the show. You can see an updated list at [Thanks to Dot Net readers Anthony Giovagnoli and Elliot Few.]

Shore's Slant: Considering Raw will be in London in two weeks, looks like my prediction of this becoming the "Yes!" chant of 2013 might come true. I'm sure WWE is loving the sales, but they have to be cautious here. An unruly crowd that doesn't follow the show, while fun to watch play out like this week, is not a good thing for weekly television.

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