WWE News: Elimination Chamber pay-per-view is not listed on Dish Network

Feb 18, 2014 - 02:30 PM

Dish Network is not advertising the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event and it appears that they do not intend to offer the event to their subscribers. Dot Net reader J Kelly passed along quotes from a chat he had with a Dish Network employee. "Thank you for your patience," the Dish Network employee wrote. "Upon checking, Dish had some disagreement with the program." The employee also noted that they are trying to resolve the issue. No official statement has been made by WWE or Dish Network regarding the matter.

Powell's POV: DirecTV threatened to pull WWE pay-per-view events shortly after the WWE Network announcement was made in Las Vegas last month. However, DirecTV is advertising Elimination Chamber for Sunday. Dish Network has not publicly commented on the WWE Network, but this is likely a sign of the company's objection to it. Obviously, WWE would prefer to have the pay-per-views available on all platforms, but this could give Dish Network subscribers more incentive to order WWE Network when it launches a week from today.

The fact that neither company has addressed the matter publicly has me wondering if there is some possibility that whatever issues there are can be resolved before Sunday. After all, you would think that WWE would want to spread the word to Dish Network subscribers about other options such as the WWE online version of the pay-per-view or additional platforms such as Playstation and Xbox consoles. For that matter, one would also think that Dish Network would like to get their side of the story out there.

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