WWE News: Dolph Ziggler explains why he didn't cash in his Money in the Bank contract

Posted in: WWE News
Oct 29, 2012 - 10:10 AM

Dolph Ziggler is featured in a WWE website interview in which he explains why he did not cash in his Money in the Bank contract as he had guaranteed. Ziggler said he can cash in when he wants. "I'm not a dummy like John Cena where I'm going to announce to the world when I'm going to cash it in. I do this when I want.

"Now there's a brand new champion Big Show and he has to look over his shoulder every single living minute of his day. I do what I want when I want. And anyone who believed me, you're sheep like everyone else." You can view the video at

Powell's POV: I guess the message here is that we're all sheep for buying into WWE's bait and switch. I'm sure the excuse is that Ziggler is a heel and this is what they do, but WWE has to know that it puts more heat on the company than it does on the wrestler for not making good on a guarantee.

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