WWE News: Daniel Bryan says he doesn't feel like he's truly made it, recalls something Steve Austin said that motivated John Cena

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Dec 27, 2013 - 01:05 PM

WWE star Daniel Bryan spoke with and was asked if he feels like he's made it after headlining four pay-per-views in a row. "To be honest, I don't feel like I've made it," Bryan said. "But 'making it' is different than being satisfied with what you've done. If I got hurt today, I'd be very satisfied with what I've done, but I would have said that before I even made it to WWE. I was happy with what I accomplished on the independent scene and internationally — it was already much more than what people ever thought I could do and what even I thought I could do.

"But one of the things that keeps me going is the pursuit of constantly being better, and I haven't 'made it' like I'm at a point where I'm happy to stay at this level. I was actually talking to John Cena about this. He told me Steve Austin talked to him at one show and asked him how things were going, and John said, 'The show's going pretty well.'

"And Austin looked up at a part of the arena that was tarped off — the building was maybe 90 percent sold out — and he said, 'Back when I was here, these arenas were full.' And that motivated John. There's always something to strive for. So what do I need to do to feel like I've made it? I need to be the main-event guy, the top guy, and we need to be selling out every arena every night. Maybe then I'll feel like I've done what I need to do." Read the full interview at

Powell's POV: Great motivation from Austin and perhaps it's something that needs to be repeated at this point. I'm not suggesting that Cena is the main reason the live events don't draw like they used to, but live event attendance feels solid rather than great. Bryan also spoke about the size issue, what type of hero he sees himself as, whether he's embarrassed by footage of his early matches, and more.

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