WWE News: Correction on Jimmy Uso DUI story

Posted in: WWE News
Mar 21, 2013 - 10:10 AM

An attorney for WWE star Jimmy Uso (a/k/a Jonathon Fatu) issued a statement on Wednesday, correcting the previously reported story of Fatu getting a second DUI last week. According to Keith Goan of Prieto, Prieto, and Goan, Fatu was not charged with DUI a second time, but was erroneously charged with driving on a suspended license and probation violation. The probation was for the previous DUI, where Fatu pleaded no contest. Goan stated, "We are extremely confident that once we get on the Court's docket, Mr. Fatu's probation will be terminated and the citation for driving on a suspended license will be dismissed."

Shore's Slant: So Uso entered a plea on the DUI, did his probation, and then had it violated (by error according to the attorney). My guess is that since the probation was for DUI, the violation pointed directly back to that charge and that's what caused the confusion. Whatever it was, it does appear that Uso was not charged a second time. That's nothing but good news for him and should mean we will see nothing from WWE on this.

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