WWE News: Cody Rhodes says wrestling is "fixed, not fake" and "like a dance"

Posted in: WWE News
Oct 3, 2012 - 04:30 PM

As part of WWE's upcoming tour of Egypt, WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes told Ahmed Hamdi of Al-Ahram Weekly, that wrestling is "…fixed, not fake. It's in between real and fake and that's the beauty of it." Rhodes went on to hype WWE's tour of Egypt, and profess he has no idea how wrestlers are trained in what must have been a misunderstanding between he and the interviewer. You can decide for yourself at

Shore's Slant: Rhodes comment that he has no idea how wrestlers are trained is bizarre, but I think that points to some level of confusion in the question or answer. Still, a pretty good read. Egypt is a hot bed of unrest right now, so I hope WWE is taking extra precautions on this tour.

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