WWE News: Cody Rhodes discusses his mustache, his facial hair, and the hair on his upper lip

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Jan 25, 2013 - 11:06 AM

WWE star Cody Rhodes spoke about his mustache during an interview with Phoenix News Times. "It's growing," Rhodes said. "The first few weeks of having it were pretty tacky and it really wasn't there as much as it might have appeared on TV. But now it's actually [there]. It's weird because I never seen any of the men in my family with facial hair, so I guess from my mom's side it's pretty thick.

Rhodes was also asked whether he's considered shaving it. "I cannot shave it, because now it's to the point of...I came back after 25 days from two very serious injuries," he said. "I had the foolish thought in my mind that I thought the crowd was going to maybe even react to me in a positive manner from this Rocky-like montage I had put together to get back, but instead they chanted 'Cody's mustache.' So at this point I just am angry enough at everybody enough to continue to keep it."

Powell's POV: Yep, I just did an entire news story on a man's mustache and that man isn't even Ron Burgundy. Cody also noted that there are t-shirts for his mustache in the works, meaning I will consider buying a pro wrestling t-shirt for the first time in many years. Cody also spoke about a variety of other topics. You may even find some of them more interesting than the mustache talk. Whatever.

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