WWE News: Chris Jericho wants pro wrestling to be an Olympic sport. discusses his new television show

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Feb 14, 2013 - 11:54 AM

WWE star Chris Jericho spoke with Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald about his new television show Robot Combat League, which debuts February 26 on Syfy. "I think anybody that has any kind of interest in fantasy or robots or anything along those lines," Jericho said. "Technology has advanced so much that we can have this. It’s like the movie ‘Real Steel’, but this is real. There is no CGI or Hollywood trick. These are actual walking and fighting robots. It’s incredible to see that."

Jericho also endorsed pro wrestling as an Olympic sport. "Look at figure skating or gymnastics, what is it?," he asked. "It’s a choreographed performance that is judged. It’s whoever puts on the best performance. Why can’t you do that with different countries like a Canadian team, an American team and a German team go in there. Then whoever puts on the best match according to the judges wins. You take two of the best American workers in a match against each other and get scored by the judges. It’s the exact same thing as figures skating, so why not?" Read the full interview at

Powell's POV: There's a photo of Jericho with a couple of the robots included with the story. Let's just say they've come along way since the mini robots used in past robot fighting shows. It will never happen, but Jericho makes a good case for how pro wrestling could be an Olympic sport. One can only would hope that Terry Funk would serve as one of the judges and piledrive the gold medal winner through a table.

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