WWE News: CM Punk files restraining order against his own mother

Posted in: WWE News
Jun 26, 2013 - 01:17 PM

CM Punk has filed a restraining order against his mother, claiming she has harassed him for money and threatened to kill herself when he refused to help. A judge granted a temporary order on June 10, and Punk is due in court today seeking to extend the order. You can read more at [Thanks to Dot Net Member Aghazi.]

Shore's Slant: Crazy stuff. Punk has had a rocky relationship with his mother for years based on interviews and documentaries I have seen. The story notes that she also threatened to release "embarrassing" details from his youth, which Punk claims are arrests from his high school days. It certainly sounds like Punk is well within his rights to do this, but it is still a sad story to see a family in turmoil like this.

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