WWE News: Bruno Sammartino and Triple H discuss Bruno's Hall of Fame induction, winning the title at Madison Square Garden, and what the current roster could learn from Bruno

Feb 6, 2013 - 03:11 PM has posted an interview with Triple H and newest WWE Hall of Fame inductee Bruno Sammartino. You can read the full interview at Among the highlights:

Sammartino on why he agreed to enter the Hall of Fame this year: "Well, I guess the main reason would be Triple H. He’s the one who contacted me months ago and we got acquainted with each other. We had only met once, very, very briefly. I only really knew Triple H as a Superstar with WWE, but in person I think we only met for maybe 20 seconds… But since then, Triple H contacted me and he started telling me everything that was going on with WWE. There had been issues and things that I was not happy with, but when I saw the changes, I was very, very impressed."

Sammartino on winning the WWE title at MSG: "I had been wrestling in Canada for a little more than a year at the time and was contacted by WWE to give me an opportunity to wrestle Rogers. I came back to New York and wrestled Rogers on May 17, 1963, and beat him with the backbreaker. We went 48 seconds. And like when I lifted Haystacks Calhoun, I thought the roof was going to pop off the Garden. That was the very beginning and after that, I was in Madison Square Garden every month."

Triple H on what the current Roster can learn from Sammartino: "When you look back at somebody like Bruno, it’s like looking back at the consummate professional. It’s tough today, and has been for a while, to be a star and to have the right mentality of what being in that position means and what it requires of you. In Bruno, you see a guy who lived up to that moniker of being a role model in every single way. That’s an important lesson for talent. It’s not just about you and your career; it’s about how you live your life. That’s a very important part of success. That’s something they definitely can learn."

Shore's Slant: A very good, if somewhat clean, interview. It's not that they lie about anything. They quickly mention Bruno's arguments for refusing to enter the Hall, but they dismiss them just as quickly. Not that I expected to admit to all the steroid issues, but don't go to this interview looking for anything juicy. Do go to read Triple H prove he really does appreciate wrestling history and to read Bruno talk about his past.

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