WWE NXT taping spoilers: World Champion Big Show faces an NXT wrestler, U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro, Seth Rollins, Big E Langston, Dusty Rhodes, full results of the taping for upcoming shows (spoilers)

Nov 16, 2012 - 11:14 AM

WWE NXT taping
Full Sail University
Report by Dot Net reader Kyle Deck (@kyledeck)

Dark Matches

1. Fandango beat Garrett Dylan with a pretty cool finisher. The crowd was digging Fandango.

2. Layla b. Alicia Fox with the Lay-Out.

Episode 1; Airing December 12

1. WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro beat Michael McGillicutty with the Neutralizer in a non-title match. This match had some really good back and forth, McGillicutty worked the role of the face.

2. Bo Dallas over Axel Keegan with a Spear. After the match, Bo started to cut a promo challenging anyone from the top of the roster to the bottom, (big show would later accept this challenge.) But Bo lost his composure when someone in the crowd shouted "Edge wants his gimmick back."

3. Corey Graves beat Yoshi Tatsu with a "Fuller leglock" which looks like an upside down figure four. Really good heat for Graves.

4. Roman Reigns beat Gavin Reid in a squash match. Byron Saxton tried to interview Reigns after the match, but Roman cut him off and kicked him out of the ring to cut his own heel promo. Reigns seems to have the whole package. His promo was arrogant, and received pretty good heat from a very “pro heel” crowd

5. Tyson Kidd beat Leo Kruger with the The Dungeon Lock. Really good match. It is really stunning to watch Kidd work. After the match, Kassius Ohno came out and attacked Kidd from behind. As Ohno was about to hit his KO elbow, William Regal pulled Kidd out of the ring to close the show.

Episode 2; Airing December 19

1. Paige beat Sasha Banks (formerly Mercedes KV). Paige is really solid in-ring worker and is loved by the Full Sail crowd. This was a massive improvement to the normal divas matches we see on a weekly basis.

Oliver Grey was in the ring awaiting his opponent when Bray Wyatt came out on stage. Wyatt said it was time to meet the next son of the Wyatt family and out came Erick Rowan. Wyatt sat at the top of the ramp in a rocking chair while Rowan dismantled Grey.

2. Erick Rowan over Oliver Grey with his unnamed finisher.

NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes came out to promote the NXT Championship match between challenger Jinder Mahal and defending champion Seth Rollins. He quickly turned his attention to the $5,000 bounty Vickie Guerrero placed on Big E Langston a few weeks back and called her a bitch (which he apologized for).

Camacho interrupted and said he was accepting the offer to take out Langston because he "needs money." Langston came out and said next week Camacho can try to take him out. Big E even offered Camacho the chance to choose anyone he wants to team up to try and take him out.

3. NXT Champion Seth Rollins beat Jinder Mahal (in 3MB gear) with Blackout to retain. After the match, Corey Graves came out and exchanged words with Rollins to close the show. This was a good match, but not as good as their match for the title initially.

Episode 3; Airing December 26

1. The Usos beat Epico and Primo when Jey hit a splash on Primo. After the match, The Ascension appeared on the Titantron while The Usos celebrated their win, extending their rivalry. The crowd was out of the match until the end when they came to life for the Uso’s win. Primo and Epico were extremely dull, but the chant of the night was the "where’s Carlito" chant that started up mid-match.

2. Big E Langston beat Aiden English and Camacho when Langston hit the Big Ending on English and Camacho bailed. Big E was mega over with the crowd. After the match, Big E did the five count not once, but twice.

There is no doubt that Big E is the most over star that they have in NXT. The crowd just lost it when he did the 5-count. He is decent on the mic, but I wouldn’t expect to see him while Ryback is still around. But, Langston is pretty good in-ring. I’ve seen him work a couple longer matches, and it is much better than the usual muscle heads.

3. Kassius Ohno beat Percy Watson with the KO elbow. This match was extremely sloppy, Watson was poor, and Ohno seemed to struggle with that. The crowd was worn out by this point.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross came out and introduced NXT Champion Seth Rollins for an interview. Rollins was asked about his defense over Jinder Mahal last week and what’s next for him. Corey Graves interrupted, saying that he will become the next champion. Graves ambushed Rollins and placed him in the Fuller leglock. Referees had to come out to break it up to close the show. I really like this Graves/Rollins rivalry. They could do well

Dark Match?

1. World Heavyweight Champion Big Show beat Bo Dallas with the W.M.D. The Dallas vs. Show match may possibly be included in the third episode.

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