WWE MITB onsite report: The Shield's pre-match antics in concourse, live notes on Rob Van Dam, the Money in the Bank matches, the crowd's reaction to Paul Heyman, C.M. Punk, Chris Jericho, and more

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Jul 15, 2013 - 10:22 AM

Dot Net reader Aaron ( attended WWE Money in the Bank in Philadelphia, Pa. on Sunday and sent the following report.

As we walked into the building, I went right for the merchandise stand to get a MITB shirt. I heard Jerry Lawler's music and eventually heard the The Uso's pyro. My wife came from the bathroom and told me that section 110 was blocked right now because The Shield was there. I had friends at section 110 which was why we were going to stop over. I left the merchandise stand which was pretty long and started taking pics of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. They were getting pumped up, drinking water, putting water on their heads, and talking a little. Now we all know what they do before they come down the steps.

As for the match, it was better than I expected. I'm not big on the Usos but they had their best match to date I think. Most of the crowd was for the Usos. The Shield had some portions of the fans including me. The double suplex spot with all four men was incredible. The crowd chanted "holy shit" and "this is awesome." It was the best kickoff match to date.

Before going live, a quick Rob Van Dam video hit the Tron. RVD chants were going on all through the pre-show. After the match, Dean Ambrose stayed in the ring until Fandango came out. I watched Ambrose walk around the ring and get himself ready. He's intense. Most of the crowd was against Ambrose but the ones who know him from CZW chanted for him. Fandango came out to a nice pop, we all did the dance but it wasn't as big as usual probably cause we all knew it wasn't on PPV. A small chant of "We the People" would break out a few times and lots of people said it when Zeb Colter said it.

The Smackdown MITB match was short but great. Most of the crowd was behind Cody Rhodes. As soon as I saw Cody grab the bigger ladder, I said he's getting it for someone whose's going to knock him off and win, and I said it would probably be Damien Sandow. The crowd wanted Cody to win and Sandow got booed hard when he won.

Curtis Axel vs. The Miz was alright, nothing special. Miz was still getting some heat from the crowd and even egged some of us on so he can feed off of it. Paul Heyman got good pops, of course. "ECW" wasn't too loud but when he got ejected, the crowd chanted "we want Heyman" hard.

A.J. vs. Kaitlyn was fine. We settled down a bit to just watch.

I actually forgot about Chris Jericho vs. Ryback match until Jericho's pyro hit. The entire crowd was behind Jericho and most of us were surprise he lost. I'm tired of the Goldberg chants and yet it was done tonight. During the replay of when Jericho first called Ryback by the "Cryback" name, Jericho tried to pump the crowd in chanting Cryback. I guess he's tired of the Goldberg chants too.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio was a helluva match. The crowd was so behind Ziggler. After AJ screwed Ziggler, the crowd chanted "you screwed Ziggler." I don't know if it made it to TV or if it was even heard on TV but it was loud!

I was shocked John Cena vs. Mark Henry wasn't last. Most of the crowd was behind Henry. Not a lot of the back and forth chants of let's go Cena and Cena sucks. I expected Cena to win but almost thought Henry was going to win it. Talk about a roller coaster ride in that match.

The All-Stars MITB match was next but before it did, the Wyatts Family video aired with recap from Monday. It was dark while we watched it so I thought they were going to come out. Obviously not.

RVD came first to huge ovation. Daniel Bryan came out to huge Yes! chants. Sheamus got a nice reaction. Orton got a big pop too with some of the crowd singing his song. C.M. Punk came out next and I swear the entire crowd was singing Cult of Personality. As for the match, great match. Axel coming out was a surprise as I personally expected Brock Lesnar to take out Punk. Parts of the crowd chanted "we want Lesnar." Orton got a nice pop for winning the match.

After the match, RVD was the last to be at ringside. He was pissed, he knocked down the ladders that were in the ring and he did a few RVD poses. He left the ring and slapped hands around the ring with the front row crowd including me. He went to end of the stage and posed a little more before leaving.

Overall, great show. I enjoyed it a lot and can't wait to watch the DVD. I don't know how the crowd looked and sounded on TV, but we were electric for most of the night.

WWE returns to Philly on October 13. Tickets go on sale to everyone on Saturday and a pre-sale is going on now until Friday night.

Biggest Pops
1. RVD
2. Bryan
3. Ziggler
4. Punk
5. Orton

Most Heat
1. AJ (after screwing Ziggler)
2. Del Rio
3. Sandow (after screwing Rhodes)
4. Shield

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