WWE Hall of Famer says Hulk Hogan didn't want to work with him, comments on his daughter Tamina's run in WWE

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Jan 11, 2013 - 10:39 AM

Arda Ocal of The Score television network and the Baltimore Sun interviewed Jimmy Snuka. The following are the highlights. You can view the full interview at

Snuka's thoughts and feelings on what happened to his daughter Tamina in WWE: "I taught both her and my son. At first they were using her pretty good, but all of a sudden they start (having her lose) and I thought 'what's going on here?' She hurt her wrist and was out for a while and now she's back again. She looks better than ever and I'm so proud of her. I tell her to put only one focus in your mind and take care of number one and that's it."

How he was supposed to turn heel and main event WrestleMania with Hulk Hogan and why that was kyboshed: "Vince McMahon came up to me and said 'we want you to turn heel.' I said 'OK, what's up brudda?' and Vince said he wanted me to wrestle Hulk Hogan and I said I loved it. I heard that Hogan later that 'I don't want to wrestle with that crazy maniac.' But I loved him anyway."

Other Topics

-Why he decided to write an autobiography ("Superfly: The Jimmy Snuka Story") and open up about his use of drugs, adultery and pains in pro wrestling

-His ankle being healed and still taking bookings and wrestling

-A possible return to WWE for his son Jimmy Snuka Jr.?

-The story on how Jimmy Snuka gave The Rock "The People's Eyebrow"

-How Snuka was supposed to become WWWF champion by beating Bob Backlund (he initially postponed the idea but it never happened)

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