WWE Hall of Famer reveals he will be at Monday's WWE Raw, discusses C.M. Punk and The Rock, Mick Foley entering the WWE Hall of Fame

Jan 12, 2013 - 01:15 PM

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross made his weekly appearance on Yahoo Sports Radio with host Sean Pendergast on Saturday. You can listen to the full appearance at

-Ross noted on Twitter on Friday night that he will attend the 20th Anniversary of WWE Raw. Ross said he did not know what his role will be. He said he's just happy to be there and called it a "momentous occasion."

-Ross said he didn't think anyone could forecast how big Raw could get when it started. He said there were nights when there were more young males watching Raw than were watching Monday Night Football. He said a lot of NFL players are big fans because they grew up watching Raw.

-Ross was asked about C.M. Punk's second Pipe Bomb. Ross said he "thoroughly enjoyed" the segment with Punk and The Rock. He said the interaction between Rock and Punk felt organic. "They've got chemistry," Ross said. He noted they are both intense, prideful, and want to be the best at what they are doing. He said Punk is very motivated, and Rock is in a spot where Punk wants to be in terms of his standing with WWE fans. Ross noted that it's "a golden opportunity" for Punk "that may not come around again in his lifetime."

-Ross said there will be defiant young males who relate to Punk. He predicted that the masses will cheer for Rock.

-Ross was asked about Mick Foley entering the WWE Hall of Fame. Ross said he wasn't sure it would be Mick's year. He said it made all the sense in the world due to Foley's ties to Madison Square Garden, but he still wasn't sure. He said he hasn't heard any other names. Ross said he feels like an old coach who recruited a walk-on or a one or two star recruit who is now entering his fourth Hall of Fame. He said Foley didn't have a WWE body, but he had amazing intellect and a passion for wanting to be on the WWE team. Ross said he was merely concerned with getting Foley "a jersey" and seeing where it would go from there.

-Ross said the WWE brass saw that Foley needed to be remade from Cactus Jack, to they turned him into Mankind. He said the idea was thrown out, and Foley and Vince McMahon refined it. "Mick basically remade himself even though he was a veteran and had many years under his belt in one persona," Ross said. He said it speaks to Vince McMahon's creativity and Foley's ability to adapt.

-Ross spoke about his trip to NXT and calling the matches for the tapings. He noted that Shawn Michaels was at the show. He said the developmental students constantly surrounded Michaels to pick his brain. Ross said eventually everyone on the roster will have come through WWE developmental. He said the challenge is how you introduce everyone and do them justice so they debut in an unique way. "We expect big things this year," Ross said regarding NXT. "We're excited about the prospects of that whole program."

-Ross noted that he personally signs the autographs that are sent out as part of his JR's BBQ products. Ross also talked NFL playoffs and discussed college football.

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