WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin on his recovery from ACL and PCL surgery, working with Dolph Lundgren on "The Package" movie, praises another WWE legend

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Feb 19, 2013 - 01:10 PM

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin appeared on KQRS morning show in the Twin Cities on Tuesday to promote the release of "The Package" on DVD. Dot Net Member HiSpot passed along the following recap.
Austin said he enjoyed working with Dolph Lundgren and the director Jesse Johnson. He said there was a short filming time, so not a great deal of time was spent on set. The movie is about an hour and a half and is strictly an entertainment vehicle with no political agenda.
Host Tom Barnard discussed talking to Dallas Page and Jake Roberts with Stone Cold. Austin said Roberts is one of his favorites of all time because of his mind for the business and his promo ability.
Austin said he is still recovering from ACL and PCL surgery seven months out. He said he's not at full speed yet, but is doing daily rehab and cardio.
Austin said he enjoys making movies appreciates his loyal fans. He wants to make more reality TV shows.  As a child, he wanted to be a musician and emulate his favorite band KISS, but he lacked talent.
Powell's POV: Austin also appeared on Kansas City radio on Tuesday. Dot Net Member Bradford Mitchell noted that they talked more about Austin's film work and "The Expandables" than wrestling. Austin spoke about working with Eric Roberts and how good Sylvester Stallone is as a director. "As a side note, they had Metro Pro Wrestling promoter Chris Gough on afterward to do sports followed by Daryl from The Walking Dead," Bradford wrote. "Good morning of radio here."

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