WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross wants to see a good PPV sell on Raw, wonders where the heat is on the WWE Championship, and looks forward to the Rhodes family making their appearance

Sep 30, 2013 - 02:51 PM

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-Ross on The Battleground build: "Interesting to see if WWE can ignite a fire tonight on Monday Night Raw as it relates to motivating PPV buyers to invest in WWE Battleground. It's tonight or never."

Shore’s Slant: Ross is echoing the sentiment of many people as Battleground feels like a throwaway show right now, even with a guaranteed WWE Championship change. Speaking of the title

-Ross on Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan: "Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton needs some rocket fuel added to their fire especially on the WWE champion side of the flame. Just one guy's opinion. Their PPV bout has high expectations. Should be stout...bell to bell."

Shore’s Slant: It has amazed me how little this feud has centered on the Championship considering it's been held up and one of the two men will win the title this Sunday. Once again this match has the potential to be a match of the year candidate, but I fear they hold back again because of the expected Hell in a Cell finale.

-Ross on The Rhodes family on Raw: "Seeing the Rhodes Family on Raw interests me. I'm enjoying their personal issue storyline that feels fresh. Let Dream talk....for old time sake."

Shore’s Slant: Let's just hope that Disty Rhodes shows up and nobody mentions that Virgil Runnels guy. The personal storyline has been fun, but using shoot names annoys me as it is unnecessary because doesn't add one thing to the overall story, and potentially damaging as it reminds everyone listening that these guys are using stage names and are playing characters. I realize kayfabe is dead, but you don't want to announce it on your show.

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