WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross talks Daniel Bryan as an underdog, the disconnected WWE announce team, and Cody Rhodes's opportunity at Battleground

Oct 3, 2013 - 07:00 PM

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-Ross on Daniel Bryan: "I saw an online poll where 70+ [percent] of those voting hope that Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Title Sunday. I'd agree. The underdog can only remain an unsuccessful underdog for so long until the fan base begins to slowly migrate away and to someone who they feel can achieve the success the fans crave."

Shore’s Slant: This has been the number one concern since the Daniel Bryan story took this turn. How long will fans see him get screwed over before they just give up? I think they are much closer to giving up on Big Show than Bryan, but both are dangerously close to going over that edge.

-Ross on the WWE announce team: "I have great admiration for the RAW announce team, they are all men that I respect and consider to be friends. Michael Cole does what few men, if any, in the lead role could do in today's world of sports entertainment. Cole's responsibility to decimate info and the amount of info is startling. Could JBL be more of an antagonist? John could for my taste but John is a great addition to the broadcast team with his intelligent and topical references. The King is The King....a WWE HOFer. However, when these men are encouraged to talk about matters that are unrelated to any significant to what I'm seeing on the screen it becomes a disconnect for me. If I am watching the TV and my eyes are processing what I am seeing but audibly I am hearing another story then which source of info do I process and retain?"

Shore’s Slant: Other than the stupid Cole heel turn, this has always been my criticism of the WWE announce team in its current form. From Divas matches to the mid-card, these guys are fed lines that have nothing to do with what is going on in the ring. Hyping a big match or moment coming up later with a line here and there is fine. Ignoring what happens in the ring to talk about non-related things is hurting the product.

-Ross on Cody Rhodes: "Loved the Rhodes Family in ring interaction Monday night and am amazed at how it is to still easy to create a meaningful, personal issue if it is largely based on logical and common sense. This vehicle will hopefully elevate Cody Rhodes to the next level when all is said and done and I expect Sunday's tag bout vs. The Shield to be really good. If it isn't, then all involved have missed a great opportunity. The table is set."

Shore’s Slant: I completely agree with JR here that Cody has the table set for him to break out. Hopefully the kid sees that and seizes the bull by the proverbial horns.

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