WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross remembers Reid Flair

Apr 1, 2013 - 12:46 PM

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross wrote a blog regarding the passing of Reid Flair. "I was around Reid to see him grow up to a normal kid, with a very famous father, who had big, athletic dreams at a young age especially in amateur wrestling at which he excelled," Ross wrote.

"Ric spared no expense in providing Reid with every opportunity to improve through expert coaching and training. Ric was as committed to making Reid's dreams come true as Reid was. They were on this particular journey together. Father and son. A few years ago Reid began having some personal issues that have been documented elsewhere.

"No family is immune to the temptations of life that exist today and that are challenges that face every family in some way. Either with their own child, a friend of a child, a friend's or relative's child, etc. None of us are immune to the 'demons' that like to prey upon those that let their guard down if even for only a moment because a moment, at times, is all it takes.

"Over the past few years while some of those issues were on going I was, at the bequest of Naitch, engaging Reid in a series of telephone calls to discuss his situation, where he had been and where he wanted  to go. At times, these conversations lasted for hours. They were candid, honest and, at times, they seemed to help me address these matters perhaps more than they helped Reid. I loved taking to him and will cherish the opportunities that we had to converse over the years." Read the full blog at

Powell's POV: The post above is merely a few paragraphs from the lengthy blog. Ross also wrote one of his typical pro wrestling blogs on Friday. It was lost in the shuffle a bit due to the unfortunate news of Reid's death. However, you can read that blog here.

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