WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross comments on the death of Buddy Roberts, wrestlers need to "create their push"

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Nov 29, 2012 - 03:01 PM

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.'s BBQ products, visit

-Ross on : 'Very sad to hear of the passing...just heard seconds ago that  Freebird Buddy Roberts has died. Buddy was the third member of the trio that revolutionized the three man faction/tag team scene back in the late 70's and 80's. Bill Watts attached the veteran Buddy to the much younger, free spirits, Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy to comprise one of the greatest entities ever in the business. At one time, there were no competitors who had more 'heat' than did the Fabulous Freebirds especially with their issues with JYD in Mid South and the Von Erich's in World Class in Dallas, among others.

"At the time Watts inserted Buddy with Michael and Terry, Bill considered Buddy Roberts to be one of the best performers in the business. Buddy was a skilled 'mechanic' who elevated everyone's game, could sell for Gordy and Hayes and no matter how many times that Buddy was beaten he had the ability to retain his villain angst. Fans loved to boo Buddy Roberts...he was that good."

Powell's POV: Ross shared more memories of Roberts, whose death was reported by the WWE website on Thursday. I've retweeted some comments from various pro wrestling personalities regarding Roberts, including one from Kevin Von Erich, who worked with him for years. Follow me on Twitter via @prowrestlingnet.

-Ross on the term push: "When online pundits blame others for a talent's lack of upward mobility they usually miss the point. Cliche or not, the cream rises to the top and day in and day out hard work generally conquers all. Being a high maintenance, under achiever usually spells dome for the best of prospects. The often used term 'Push' misused by many outside the business in a variety of ways and as an overriding excuse for a wrestler's failures is laughable. I can count dozens of talented men and women who created their 'Push' through perseverance and by maximizing their minutes. I can also count on numerous bottom feeders who blame their lack of 'Push' as the reason for their lack of success instead of gazing into the mirror and doing some soul searching."

Powell's POV: To play devil's advocate, I know guys who are afraid to rock the boat. On one hand, Vince McMahon preaches that talent should step up and grab the brass ring. However, he's also fostered an environment of fear that leads some talent to do simply do as their told and hope that it will be enough to keep their jobs. C.M. Punk is an example of a guy who was never afraid to rock the boat, yet it seems like that nearly cost him his job many times. Hard work should win out and it does in many cases, but I wonder what would happen if the culture changed in WWE and there weren't so many guys were always walking on eggshells.

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