WWE Elimination Chamber onsite report: A live perspective on the various matches

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Feb 18, 2013 - 12:42 PM

Dot Net reader Phillip Knight attended Sunday's WWE Elimination Chamber event in New Orleans, La. and sent the following report.

Pretty full crowd. I was under the WrestleMania sign with a section full of CM Punk Sucks signs. The pre show got the place loud. Tensi and Brodus are getting over. Nice to see them use some moves as a team.

Nice pyro. The first match was the World Heavyweight Title match. I got the feeling right away that Dolph wasn't cashing in. Big Shows's chop sound unbelievable. Alberto Del Rio didn't seem real over when he came out but he worked the crowd well. Del Rio won and there was no cash in. Boo!

There was a decent pop for The Miz prior to the U.S. Title match. Antonio Cesaro is one big guy and has some nice wrestling moves, which was nice to see. I'm wondering why only one of Miz's shoulders was taped. Didn't he swing and hit both? Lot of "woooo" chants broke out. A DQ!? I thought this phase was over.

The Elimination Chamber match felt like it was positioned a little early on the card but I'm sure with reason. Jack Swagger had new music and I still hate him. Orton had the biggest pop of the night at this point. Jericho also got a nice pop. Kane and Daniel Bryan had some great chemistry in the ring working together and making everyone laugh. The clothesline off the top rope got some LOD chants going. Randy Orton's DDT to Kane on the steel was legit. Just a thud, no give. Same with that double duplex. The roof just about blew off when Orton hit the RKO. It sure would be nice to see Orton back in the mix after last year's WrestleMania. There were cheers for Mark Henry and then he came back in and the place went nuts. Nice finish to the match. Looks like its the Bad American vs. The Good Mexican at WM.

John Cena received a mixed reaction as always, but Ryback got a bigger pop than him. Anyone else notice the Goldberg chants are starting to fade? Cena taking a beating is getting old. It seemed liked the crowd was out of it while he was in there. He made the hot tag to Ryback and people got interested. A nice ending but seemed like a flat match.

I feel Dolph is the best wrestler on the roster hands down and will be a champ soon. He had a good match with Kofi Kingston.

I wonder if Tensai is having fun with his new role?

Tamina made her entrance and most people choose to take a bathroom break. No respect.

CM Punk still got love but the biggest pop of the night was for The Rock. My ears were ringing. It was Rock vs Punk, Joe vs Cobra! Good back and forth match. I wondered how many refs would get hurt. Bring on Rock Cena II!

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