WWE Champion John Cena shows frustration while approached by fans at the gym

Posted in: WWE News
May 6, 2013 - 02:51 PM

Dot Net reader Ross Knoebel met John Cena at a gym in the Roanoke, Va. area on Monday and sent the following notes regarding his experience.

I just saw bunch of guys in my gym including John Cena. He was kind of a jerk to others wanting pictures but snapped this one with me before he started to get seemingly annoyed. Funny, he took his phone and snapped a photo of some average guy during a lift and said, 'Not fun, huh?' He seemed to be walking normal no limp or anything."

Powell's POV: I can't really blame Cena for getting annoyed if fans were interrupting his workout, as Ross noted was the case during a followup email. Here's some friendly advice for autograph seekers. Wait until the celebrity is finished working out, eating dinner, etc. before you approach them. If they are still rude, then feel free to stalk them by breaking into their home, using their toothbrush, and sleeping in their beds when they're not home. Okay, scratch that whole stalking thing.


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