WWE 2009 Supplemental Draft Live Coverage: WWE continues to reshuffle the deck with additional roster changes

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By By Jason Powell
Apr 15, 2009 - 02:50 PM

I will post the picks (along with commentary) as they are announced. Refresh this page for the latest updates. You can also access the ad-free version of the website and all the perks of Dot net Membership for only $5 per month by visiting the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.

1. Mr. Kennedy to Raw (from Smackdown): Fun way to get the supplemental draft started. Obviously, all the picks won't be this big, but it sends the message that anything can happen. Rough move for Kennedy, who seems to be moved to the stacked brand every year.

2. Shad Gaspard to Smackdown (from Raw): Obviously, it will be interesting to see whether JTG joins his Cryme Tyme partner on Smackdown during the draft. Shad is the bigger of the two and could have some singles potential, but he was in the doghouse back in January and lost a spot in the Royal Rumble match because company officials weren't pleased with how his in-ring work was progressing.

3. Alicia Fox to Smackdown (from ECW): The dancing fools are split up, at least for now. Alicia has history with Edge. She was the wedding assistant he made out with leading up to his marriage to Vickie Guerrero. I'm not sure if they'll play on that, but it's at least worth noting. Here's hoping this means D.J. Gabriel will ditch the dancing now that he's lost his partner.

4. Primo to Raw (from Smackdown): One-half of the Unified Tag Champs moves to Raw. I'd be surprised if Carlito doesn't join him later today. Keep in mind that Primo started on Raw. He was there for a few weeks and his entire gimmick seemed to be that he disliked his brother. A couple weeks later, he was moved to Smackdown and started teaming with his brother. Only in wrestling.

5. Mike Knox to Smackdown (from Raw): This is one of the five picks I said I was hoping for in my blog yesterday. He would have been lost in the shuffle on Raw. I thought there was a chance they would team Knox with Kane on Smackdown to feud with the Colons, but I guess that won't be happening now that Primo is on Raw. No worries. I'd rather see Knox as a badass singles wrestler.

6. Ezekiel Jackson to ECW (from Smackdown): Will The Brian Kendrick be next? Will we have to suffer through a Zeke vs. Kozlov match? Excuse me while I shed a few tears as I ponder that last question.

7. Nikki Bella to Raw (from Smackdown): Is she the one that likes Primo and Carlito? Or is she the one who likes John Morrison and The Miz? I'd look it up, but I don't really care. If she likes the heel, I suppose she could be Miz's valet.

8. Candice Michelle to Smackdown (from Raw): Big pick for Smackdown. They should get at least three matches out of her before she gets hurt again. Sarcasm aside, I feel bad for her and the bad luck she's had with injuries. Here's hoping she can stay healthy and contribute on the Friday night show. That said, enough with the Diva swapping. Let's get to some meaningful picks.

9. Zack Ryder to ECW (from Smackdown): Well, at least we know he's still on the active roster. I like this move. They're not doing anything with the Edgeheads on Smackdown, so perhaps Ryder will get a chance to develop a character on ECW.

10. Chavo Guerrero to Raw (from Smackdown): No surprise here. He's Vickie Guerrero's wheelchair chauffeur. If you take that role away from him, what else would he do? Don't get me wrong, he's a solid in-ring performer, but this is the most obvious storyline role for Chavo.

11. Ricky Ortiz to Smackdown (from ECW): The rally towels will be out in full force on Friday nights. Look for the 20 fans that receive complimentary towels from WWE and at least two others scattered throughout the building. With Rey Mysterio, Melina, and Ortiz moving to Smackdown, it looks like WWE is making a serious attempt to regain the Hispanic viewers they lost after Eddie Guerrero died and Mysterio was moved to Raw.

12. Layla to Smackdown (from Raw): The awkward pairing of William Regal and Layla appears to be over. WWE will never be the same.

13. Hornswoggle to Raw (from ECW): Stop the presses! Horny is flying solo on Raw. Keep in mind that they made the same move last year only to reunite him and Finlay later in the draft. I'm bored by the Finlay and Hornswoggle duo, but I'm not sure what else they can do with Horny. The WWE Universe blog is really lame, but I got a kick out of one post that suggested Horny to Legacy. Good stuff.

14. D.H. Smith to ECW (from Smackdown): So much for the Smith to Legacy speculation. Smith was drafted from Raw to Smackdown last year and never even worked a match on the Friday night show. The word out of Florida Championship Wrestling is that he's progressed nicely in the ring and is more than ready from that standpoint, but it remains to be seen whether he has the charisma to live up to the high expectations that WWE management has for him. John Laurinaitis has told people for years that Smith is a future WrestleMania main eventer. Here's hoping he gets a chance to shine in ECW. By the way, former tag partner and childhood friend Tyson Kidd is still in ECW along with Natalya, so they could always go with the new Hart Foundation gimmick that's been pitched a few times.

15. John Morrison to Smackdown (from ECW): I love it. Morrison could have been a big fish in the small pond known as ECW, but I'd rather see him get a real chance on one of the big shows. I suppose it's worth noting that his former valet Melina is also on Smackdown, so an on-air reunion is at least possible.

16. Carlito to Raw (from Smackdown): This should ease the concerns of everyone who thought they were killing off tag team wrestling once and for all by splitting so many teams. Carlito and Primo are reunited. Of course, they don't have many obvious opponents to work with, but such is life in WWE these days.

17. Natalya to ECW (from Smackdown): Weak. Even though Natalya has appeared on ECW with Tyson Kidd for weeks, she was apparently still property of Smackdown. Normally, I would praise WWE for paying attention to small details, but I believe this has more to do with driving up their web traffic for an additional 10 minutes.

18. Festus to Raw (from Smackdown): Another tag team broken up at least temporarily. I've always thought Festus had some potential as a singles wrestler if he was repackaged properly. Although they could reunite him with Jesse later in the draft, flying solo doesn't bode well for Jesse, who was more of a mouthpiece than anything.

19. JTG to Smackdown (from Raw): Cryme Tyme is back together and now they can feud with Primo and... Jesse and... John Morrison and... Hey, Cryme Tyme back together again!

20. Dolph Ziggler to Smackdown (from Raw): Great, now he has a whole new roster to introduce himself to.

21. The Brian Kendrick to Raw (from Smackdown): Honestly, I was hoping he would be drafted to ECW and reunited with Zeke. Kendrick would have fit in nicely with the smaller wrestlers on ECW. How about a Kendrick and Miz tag team? If not, I have a bad feeling that they will both play the roles of jobbers to the stars. I hope I'm wrong in both cases.

22. Charlie Haas to Smackdown (from Raw): Here's hoping he abandons the impersonation gimmick and is repackaged. Sure, he lacks charisma and the impersonation gimmick probably saved his job, but it's run its course. Haas is a good in-ring performer and it would be nice to see him paired with the right mouthpiece. I know, probably wishful thinking. Oh, and he's back on the same brand as former tag partner Shelton Benjamin. There's occasional tag team potential, but I think WWE is set on using Shelton as a singles wrestler.

23. Hurricane Helms to ECW (from Smackdown): Nice move. Helms should fit in nicely with some of the small, good workers on the ECW brand. He wasn't getting any camera time on Smackdown lately, so things can only get better for him on the Tuesday night show. Only one pick remaining in the draft.

24. Brie Bella to Raw (from Smackdown): Wow, way to save that big pick for last, WWE. Yawn. The Bellas are back together again. You had to see that one coming since their entire gimmick is that they are twins. I would have saved the Kendrick or Helms pick for last or maybe even started with one of those guys and closed with Kennedy. Looks like the announcers all stay put. Too bad. Jim Ross and Matt Striker deserve better. Thanks for following along with the supplemental draft coverage here on Dot Net.

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