Vampiro recalls messing with WWE Champion C.M. Punk by handing him pills, comments on Straight Edge and what it's become in punk music

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Aug 22, 2012 - 11:47 AM

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"There was kind of a weird vibe there. Kind of a 'Hey, hey how's it going?' type of thing. That whole Straight Edge thing, I get it. I used to joke about it with him. I'd give him handfuls of pills and put things in his soft drinks to [mess] with him, but in a good way, trying to break the ice.

"Him right away being a Straight Edge guy, if you're into punk rock music you know why and where it came from, although it was kind of new then. Unfortunately, that whole Straight Edge scene kind of came and went really quick and it turned into what we know as 'emo.' Emo is short for 'emotional core,' which basically came from a Straight Edge concert when a dude started to cry at a punk concert."

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