Teenage girl who was kidnapped remembers playing pretend WWE with murdered mother and brother

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Oct 3, 2013 - 03:00 PM

Hannah Anderson, the 16 year old who was kidnapped by a family friend after the man murdered her mother and brother, once again spoke about her ordeal and answered questions from followers on Of note, Anderson spoke about play wrestling with her brother, Ethan, who was eight at the time of his murder. Anderson wrote, ""We used to pretend to be WWF wrestlers and wrestle in the living room. And mom would be the crazy fans and I'd always let Ethan win.(: ahaha so cute.!" You can read more at [Thanks to Dot Net reader Jose Gonzalez]

Shore's Slant: Anderson's ordeal is all kinds of crazy. A number of people have questioned why she talks about what happened on social media and Anderson claims it helps her grieve. That sounds weird to me personally, but after years in EMS I can assure you that there is no "proper" way to grieve. It’s different for everyone.

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