Stacy Carter shares more info on Jerry Lawler, says it took 15 minutes to revive him after he suffered a heart attack on WWE Raw

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Sep 12, 2012 - 09:07 AM

In The Room with Stacy Carter
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On Jerry Lawler's condition: "Right now he's stable, being responsive with a tube down his throat. He's squeezing people's hands, nodding his head. He can point out where he's hurting, stuff like that. The next step is to wait for the test results to come back tomorrow, the scan on his brain to see what - if any - brain damage he may or may not have. And that's pretty much it. He's still critical but stable. He's strong and he's stubborn, so if anybody can pull through its him."

On the amount of time it took for CPR to work: "WWE's doctor was there when Jerry collapsed and fell out of his chair. He started CPR. From what I've been told is Jerry did not regain consciousness there. They did revive him there, but it took a long time - 15 minutes. It took a long time to bring him back. But he's back now, he's lightly sedated, and they're taking him off the ventilator. He's not in the heavy sedation that they had him in."

On it happening on live television: "Jerry would be dead right now if it did not happen where it happened. Stuff like that just keeps running through my brain. Jerry normally grabs something - some food - on the way back to the hotel ... fast food or if the bar is open, and he eats, then he's there by himself. But this could have happened just two or three hours later and nobody would have been there with  him and he wouldn't be here right now. Or he could have been driving to the arena or flying to Montreal. If it had to happen, I'm very thankful that it did there."

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