Man robbed, shot in right eye, says CM Punk losing to Rock was worst part of the week

Posted in: WWE News
Jan 30, 2013 - 01:44 PM

Thomas Dotterer of Syracuse, NY was shot in the right eye last week while the liquor store he works at was robbed. Dotterer returned the the store just a week later, and when contacted by a local news show, said the wors part of his week was CM Punk losing the WWE Championship to The Rock. You can read more and see a video of the man at

Shore's Slant: This guy seems like a nice man, and it is terrible what happened to him, but I'm still going to have to say that Dotterer has his priorities a tad bit skewed. I wonder if he was the guy who sent me the death threat Sunday night. Yes, I'm kidding. Not about getting a death threat, just this guy sending it.

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