John Cena confesses to shaving his legs and other "manscaping"

Posted in: WWE News
May 17, 2008 - 04:13 AM

John Cena admitted that he shaves his legs when he was put on the spot by "Completely," Cena stated. "There's some heavy manscaping going on, from my sideburns to my feet." To read the full story, which includes Cena's take on the NFL Spygate scandal, click here.

Powell’s POV: Wow. I really didn't need to know that, but since I had to read it so does everyone else. I guess we've always known that Cena and other wrestlers shave their legs, but is there a reason he shaves his feet? Does he paint his toenails too? Wait, I don't want to know. Let's just assume he tapes his ankles and move on. Oh, and for Cena's sake, let's hope Snitsky doesn't read the internet.

Spygate? I never thought I'd miss Terrell Owens dominating the offseason headlines. Does anyone other than ESPN and Arlen Spector even care about this anymore? The NFL desperately needs a better offseason storyline. Will someone please hand Pacman Jones a wad of singles and drop him off at the nudie bar?

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