Jim Ross reveals Steve Austin's prediction for a WWE title change, Ross on whether Ryback is a heel, and displeasure with rowdy fans at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony

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Apr 15, 2013 - 09:51 AM

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.'s BBQ products, visit

-Ross on Steve Austin's Intercontinental Title prediction: "@steveaustinBSR predicts that @WWEFandango will be IC Champion within a few months. It might not take that long but I could also see Fandango winning the US Title as well at some point. Stars become stars over the long haul and even though Fandango has had an amazing few weeks and change as it relates to recognition, etc, it's how he does long term that writes his story. If Fandango can continue to grow, a key role at WM30 could be in his future and that's generally considered the yard stick. As I wrote here weeks ago, bell to bell Fandango can 'go' but using Beautiful Bobby Eaton's Alabama Jam finisher might not be the best over the long haul. That's just my two cents."

Powell's POV: Agreed with Austin on Fandango wearing secondary gold soon, and Ross when it comes to Fandango's finisher, which is sure to take a toll on his body. I assume WWE will attempt to capitalize on the Fandango music phenomenon by giving Vince McMahon's favorite new character a strong push. I've enjoyed the character thus far, but the remaining question is whether the character has longevity.

-Ross on Ryback: "Just because @Ryback22 is hungry for the WWE Title and the money that comes along with it why does that motive make the powerhouse a villain? Since when did ambition make one an antagonist. Antagonist display a variety of common traits, non of which I have seen yet, I stress yet, from Ryback. I do like the apparent pairing of Ryback vs. John Cena and where this matter may be heading. To me, it certainly feels fresh even though some will take exception to the fact that Cena is in the equation. It doesn't both me and I see this rivalry selling tickets and producing a reaction in the arenas."

Powell's POV: As noted in Dot Net Daily, Ryback is scheduled to team with Dolph Ziggler in the dark main event of tonight's Raw. That said, there's no saying Ryback couldn't split and leave Ziggler to take the finishers of their opponents John Cena and Alberto Del Rio.

-Ross on fans expressing themselves: "The live events, Raw, Smackdown, and the PPVs are the places fans should express themselves and not, as I wrote about recently, at an event like the WWE Hall of Fame. The boorish behavior of a loud, perhaps inebriated, minority of male fans is inexcusable and, believe me, I've heard all the excuses since writing about some of the attendees who acted like morons at the 2013 #WWEHOF Induction Ceremony. I see this behavior as a total lack of respect for all involved in the process not just those being jeered. Finally, the "we pay our money, so we can act any way that we choose" excuse is laughable....and embarrassing." 

Powell's POV: WWE and arena security should enforce the code of conduct that fans are expected to adhere to. It mostly covers the dress code, but perhaps it's time to ad to the code and do more to enforce it if Ross and others are bothered by the fan chants. I got a kick out of the crowd during Monday's Raw, but I would like to see the fans show more respect during the Hall of Fame ceremonies.

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