Jim Ross on WWE Royal Rumble surprises, doesn't expect to work on WWE NXT broadcast team, comments on working with Paul Heyman

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Jan 26, 2013 - 11:51 AM

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.'s BBQ products, visit

-Ross on Royal Rumble surprises: I'd be surprised if we did not see a few surprise entrants in the Rumble match come Sunday. I like it when the Rumble match has elements of nostalgia. I will also be anxious to  see who has the 'hot hand' in the Rumble match as it relates to the total number of eliminations in the bout. Remember when Diesel aka @KevinNash lit it up one year much like Kane did in another Rumble match? This I do know, if any athlete phones in their Rumble match appearance they should be sent home....immediately. The opportunity to maximize one's minutes at a major, WWE PPV event is one's privilege and not one's right. That's akin to half assing it on the special teams in the Super Bowl. Those types of players don't need a jersey only a ticket home."

Powell's POV: WWE only announced 11 entrants (plus the NXT tournament winner) this time around, so there's plenty of room for a mix of regulars and surprises. Fans love the nostalgia and the best Rumble matches have a mix of that, great drama involving the favorites, and good and sometimes unexpected storytelling throughout the match. Is it Sunday yet?

-Ross on NXT broadcasting change: "I don't expect to return to broadcasting on NXT any time soon as that broadcast is designed to help the younger talents develop their body of work so I will be helping produce the newcomers. I enjoy teaching and coaching so I look forward with great anticipation those opportunities."

Powell's POV: I thought the broadcast gig would be a regular role for Ross. He'll definitely come in handy behind the scenes, but it's a shame that WWE hasn't put him in a regular play-by-play role.

-Ross on Paul Heyman: "Yes, I enjoyed my commentary work with @HeymanHustle aka Paul Heyman aka Paul E Dangerously aka Happy Heyman, etc , etc. He knew what buttons to push on me to legit piss me off and that generally raised my game on live TV. I too knew what buttons of his to push to motivate him. We had a combustible on air relationship that is lacking today or perhaps today's marketplace just doesn't require or call for our shenanigans. Some of my best work ever was done with Paul Heyman and I've worked with, arguably, the best partners ever."

Powell's POV: Ross and Heyman also had a combustible off-air relationship at one time, but they've obviously become friends since then. I'd like to hear that broadcast team again someday.

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