Jim Ross discusses WWE Smackdown heading into Sunday's Extreme Rules pay-per-view, the possibility of Tommy Dreamer's final ECW match, a former WWE announcer sharing his political views

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Jun 6, 2009 - 02:51 PM

Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights.

-Ross on Friday's WWE Smackdown: "Friday Night Smackdown was a solid show in my biased eye. It seemed like the 2 hour broadcast moved along well. Edge vs. Rey was excellent and their in ring psychology was money. I get questions from time to time about 'how important it is to be able to execute a Moonsault, etc' from fans but no single maneuver is more important than an in ring performer throughly understanding crowd psychology. High risk, acrobatic moves simply for the sake of doing them is essentially a waste of time. If they are used effectively within the context of the story being told in the ring then they become effective."

Powell's POV: Last night's show was excellent. Ross also added that he "likes to crow about Smackdown being a better show than Raw" just to ruffle feathers. Maybe he's hitting too close to home for someone within WWE because there's no denying that the Friday night show is blowing away the Monday show these days.

-Ross on Tommy Dreamer: "Here's hoping Tommy Dream aka 'Big Beefy' has a great weekend at extreme Rules. The veteran "Innovator of Violence" has an all or nothing scenario on his hands Sunday as in winning the ECW Title or saying adiĆ³s. Dreamer has earned a 'moment' if any one has and I for one hope that he gets it. Like my friend and fellow Hall of Famer Terry Funk, I am a Tommy Dreamer fan."

Powell's POV: That should be a fun match regardless of the outcome. The ECW show has done a terrific job of building up their pay-per-view offering this month. Maybe it's time to add another ECW match to the monthly PPV schedule. I know I'm not the only person who wishes Evan Bourne, The Hart Trilogy and Vladimir Kozlov were on the Extreme Rules show. Okay, maybe not that last one.

-Ross on Joey Styles: "'s Joey Styles has apparently been Twittering a fair amount lately and blasting our country's commander in chief, President Obama. While I personally shy away from getting involved in political debates, I don't begrudge any one from expressing themselves even if I happen to disagree with much of what is written."

Powell's POV: J.R. had more to say about the situation and even took a shot at Rush Limbaugh. Like anyone else, Joey is entitled to his opinion, but it's annoying that he mixes in WWE info with his political views. I just wish he would separate the two since his Twitter page includes "WWE" in the title. No, I'm not losing sleep over this issue. I just wonder if Joey would be so quick to post these comments if he didn't lean the same way as Vince McMahon.

Other topics include J.R. wanting your feedback, Pat Patterson, WWE developmental talent cuts.

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