Jim Ross discusses Chris Jericho's WrestleMania 25 opponent, Steve Austin and the WWE Hall of Fame, and the Ken Shamrock vs. Bobby Lashley MMA fight

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Mar 5, 2009 - 10:05 AM

Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights.

-Ross on the mystery of who will face Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 25: "I have yet to hear one conclusive name that will wrestle Jericho in Houston. I do know or strongly suspect it will NOT be Ric Flair. One has to surmise after what Jerry Lawler said about Jericho on Raw Monday night that a Lawler-Jericho confrontation is a distinct possibility at some point but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be at WM25. Chris Jericho and this entire Legend's issue has been one of the highlights of Monday Night Raw for this viewer for the past several weeks. Bottom line here is that Hulk (Hogan) is a great promoter and does as good a job as anyone in keeping his name out there to the wrestling public which is better than living and dying on TMZ."

Powell's POV: Flair stated during the Between The Ropes interview earlier this week that he would not wrestle again unless Shawn Michaels gave him permission to work with the match. Lawler is a possibility and Hogan seems to be a long shot. I'm still curious to know where Mickey Rourke fits in with Jericho's WM25 match.

-Ross on the Ken Shamrock vs. Bobby Lashley fight: "Hard to believe that Ken Shamrock will fight Bobby Lashley in a MMA contest later this month as I understand it. There was a time that I could see the veteran, 45 year old Shamrock, a former WWE superstar, schooling the MMA rookie Lashley but that ship has long since sailed. I have great respect for Ken but he's outstayed his welcome in the octagon, cage, whatever and needs to teach and coach and stop fighting. I look for Lashley to completely dominate Shamrock in this fight. Kenny is fighting for one more pay day while Lashley is fighting to help establish what he hopes will be a long term, lucrative, MMA career."

Powell's POV: J.R. is right about Shamrock overstaying his welcome. The match will probably entice some pro wrestling fans to order the show, but I doubt the masses will even know about it due to a lack of advertising.

-Ross on Steve Austin: "I don't expect Steve Austin to speak overly long at the WWE HOF Ceremony as Steve is a man that tells one what time it is and not how to make the watch. Knowing Stone Cold, he won't write a complete speech but will likely have a few notes and then allow his natural instincts to take over and then simply be himself which has always been good enough for me as more of today's wrestlers should practice Austin's philosophy."

Powell's POV: I just pray that the fans who attend the HOF don't turn this into a "What?" moment. Either way, the HOF ceremony should be great, and I'm sure Stone Cold will deliver a fun speech.

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