Jim Ross comments on the WWE SummerSlam gate, UFC fighter Jon "Bones" Jones situation, a dream tag match featuring C.M. Punk teaming with Seth Rollins against former ROH Tag Team Champs

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Aug 27, 2012 - 10:17 AM

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.'s BBQ products, visit

-Ross on the WWE SummerSlam gate: "SummerSlam the live event grossed over a $1.1M gate last Sunday in LA. Goes to show you that a well promoted event with attractions that fans want to see will still sell even in today's disposable income challenged society. If you have the attractions that fans want, they will come. 'Light,' gross ticket sales or PPV buys tell brutally honest stories."

Powell's POV: I am anxious to see what story the pay-per-view numbers tell once the final numbers are released. The $1.1 million gate is huge, but I assume many of those tickets were purchased before a single match was advertised.

-Ross on UFC fighter Jon "Bones" Jones: "Huge strategic error on the part of UFC star Jon Bones Jones by not taking a replacement fight to save UFC 151. This apparent, selfish and ill thought out decision cost many, many people pay days which is sad. What if Bones had lost the fight? Would it have killed his career? Obviously not. It actually might have enhanced it. If Jones did lose, he certainly would have had an 'out' that the media could have highlighted. Win or lose if Bones had saved UFC 151, he comes out a hero but instead he is now scorned and this follows his recent DUI and his new, Nike deal."

Powell's POV: I also question how Dana White handled the situation. He publicly blasted one of his most popular fighters. One can make the argument that Jones deserved the verbal abuse and White had the right to point the finger of blame. That said, he also could have bit the bullet and taken the heat for banking on a one fight show and kept the popularity of Jones intact. While I think this was a case of Dana's temper getting the best of him, this could also turn out to be good for business in the short term as it seems to set up a highly anticipated fight between Jones and Chael Sonnen for somewhere down the road. I just question whether this will tarnish Jones's image and hurt his drawing power long term.

-Ross on a dream tag match: "NXT was the best night of TV that we've produced in Orlando to date. NXT Champ Seth Rollins got a great 'rub' from WWE Champion @CMPunk. The impromptu tag bout that occurred after the official taping ended between Punk/Rollins vs. Cesaro/Ohno was simply outstanding. We called it just for the Hell of it just in case it ever airs on a DVD, etc. It was really fun."

Powell's POV: Two former ROH Champions against former ROH Tag Champions The Kings of Wrestling. Here's hoping this match makes its way to a main roster pay-per-view event someday.

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