Jim Ross comments on a possible WWE Raw broadcast team switch, WWE overseas business and potential injuries, and UFC on FOX 7

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Apr 22, 2013 - 10:50 AM

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.'s BBQ products, visit

-Ross on the WWE Raw broadcast team: "I wonder if the trio of Cole, Lawler and JBL are the new, full time Raw broadcast team? If so I think that it helps the three hour broadcast and I've never been one to embrace a three man broadcast booth in WWE or elsewhere within the genre but I do like these three and the job that they do.  I'm still not wild about three man broadcast booths in the NFL or the NBA but they seem to work in the slower game of baseball. I encourage you to follow Cole and JBL on Twitter as they keep everyone updated on their various projects."

Powell's POV: I'm typically not a big fan of three-man broadcast teams, but JBL is a welcome addition to the Raw booth. The King's schtick has been successful for a long time, but JBL brings something different to the table. I'd actually prefer to see two-man booths with JBL and King swapping spots on Raw and Smackdown, but the three-man booth is a good consolation prize.

-Ross on WWE overseas and injuries: "WWE's business on this current International Tour has been stellar thus far with every event near capacity or sold out. Plus, from what I understand there have no significant injuries to report thus far. (Knock on wood.)"

Powell's POV: That's good news regarding the injuries, as one of our correspondents expressed some concern that Naomi suffered a knee injury during a huracanrana spot.

-Ross on UFC on FOX 7: "Great job by @UFC and @FoxSports Saturday from San Jose on #UFCONFOX7. The San Jose crowd really helped the show. This was a solid, exciting card from start to finish that kicked things off with an awesome fight between Jordan Mein and Matt Brown. These dudes fought each other like they owed each other money and gave the show a superb beginning. One can't underestimate how important the opening moments of a broadcast are whether it be WWE or UFC, etc."

Powell's POV: I enjoyed the show on Saturday night and I did feel Benson did enough to get the decision in the main event, but it was a tough one to score. It's the perfect scenario for UFC, as they had a good fight in front of a big audience, which sets up a rematch for a future FOX broadcast or on pay-per-view.

Other topics include Jerry Lawler getting in and out of London, Ross filling in for The King on a past tour, best wishes to The Rock, and much more on UFC on FOX.

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