Jim Ross comments on WWE fans wanting to see Triple H vs. Big Show more than Randy Orton vs. Big Show at Survivor Series, Goldust and Cody Rhodes, and a way to make Survivor Series feel special

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Nov 5, 2013 - 02:00 PM

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.'s BBQ products, visit

-Ross on Monday's WWE Raw: "Perplexing and unique night in many ways for Monday Night's edition of Raw. The final two segments of the show had me scratching my head especially that surprising, last commercial break. The obvious, over riding theme of the broadcast was the issue between the South Carolina native Big Show and WWE COO HHH. That's the match that fans seemingly want to see based on the feedback that I have received and my own take as a fan. I'm curious to see what more will be done to ignite the WWE Title bout at Survivor Series between the 'Biggest Gamecock of them All' and Randy Orton considering that HHH has more antagonist momentum than does RKO or so it seems."

Powell's POV: They made the same mistake throughout the Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton feud. They continue to cast the WWE Champion as a puppet, while Hunter is cast as the true top heel even though he's not wrestling full-time. It's hard to be excited by the two title matches at Survivor Series right now.

-Ross on Cody Rhodes and Goldust: "The reunion of the Rhodes Brothers has been a breath of fresh air within WWE over the past several weeks. Really enjoyable to see their storyline evolve. The grandsons of a plumber have been involved some the best matches on any WWE TV show the past several weeks. That's not a coincidence. Dustin Runnels aka Goldust rebirth, not only as a performer but as a man, has been nothing short of miraculous."

Powell's POV: Goldust will absolutely go down as one of the feel good stories of 2013. I really enjoy watching their tag matches, as it seems like the brothers are having fun, yet working as hard as anyone on the roster.

-Ross on Survivor Series: "I'd love to see some classic, Survivor Series moments featured on Raw and Smackdown to remind fans what the PPV used to represent in WWE. The event has a history and that history should be marketed including having at least one traditional, elimination tag team match."

Powell's POV: Great point. There is nothing about the build for Survivor Series that makes it feel like a Big Four pay-per-view. You have to wonder if younger fans feel if it's just another pay-per-view. The company really needs to do more to brand this as a special event.

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