Jim Ross comments on Undertaker's return, Jack Swagger's legal issues, the Ross, Jerry Lawler, and Gene Okerlund Q&A event

Feb 24, 2013 - 05:15 PM

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.'s BBQ products, visit

-Ross on Undertaker: "Lots of buzz about the surprise return of the Undertaker Saturday night at a WWE live event in Waco Texas. Taker wasn't advertised  and competed in a tag team bout. It's great to see the Phenom stepping back into the ring and I hope that he gives himself a passing grade for his latest experience and that he feels great today... Like everyone else, I hope that Taker's return to the squared circle results in him performing at WM29 but I would suggest that isn't exactly a 'done deal' as I write this. Perhaps we will learn more next week on WWE TV or the week after. I'm willing to simply stay tuned and enjoy the ride and I remain optimistic. (What a novel concept.)"

Powell's POV: As I've said all along, I will continue to assume that Undertaker will wrestle at WrestleMania 29 this year and even next year until we hear definitively otherwise. That said, I don't blame WWE for trying to keep a little mystery even after the house show appearance, as it creates more interest and makes viewers appreciate the payoff even more.

-Ross on Jack Swagger: "I'm still waiting for all the info to roll in from Mississippi regarding Swagger's arrest where he was changed with some misdemeanors. Obviously this situation was ill advised and should never have happened no matter how badly timed it is perceived by some. Any time is a bad time. I got criticized for saying that I wasn't turning my back on Swagger and I'm still of that mindset... I've always felt compelled  that one should exhaust all reasonable remedies to solve an issue before saying adios to any talent. I'd like to think that back in the day that I was a 'player's coach' but that doesn't mean that repeat offenders or those who are so defiant and that resist positive changes in their lives need to be kept around. I simply hope that Swagger has learned a life lesson from his mistake and that nothing like this ever occurs again. He owes it to himself, his family, the fans and his company to do so."

Powell's POV: I was surprised that WWE officials didn't make a similar statement to TMZ. It's not uncommon for sports teams to state that they are waiting for all the facts to come in before determining a course of action. It's the logical approach to take. For those who missed it, WWE simply said Swagger is responsible for his own actions.

-Ross on his Q&A show with Jerry Lawler and Gene Okerlund: "I flew Friday from Orlando where it was in the '80s to Milwaukee where snow awaited me. I was joined at the Potawatomi Casino Friday night by Mean Gene Okerlund and Jerry Lawler where we did our first, three man show featuring some road stories but primarily featuring questions from the audience. All of us had a great time and our hosts were first class as was the promotion. Seemed that the house was near capacity. There is talk of attempting to take this show 'on the road' in the future, meaning we would do more dates based on our respective schedules. That's TBD but the concept is an easy one to produce and I love that the fans can be such a significant part of the production."

Powell's POV: There is money to be made with these types of Q&A sessions if the promotion is strong. I'd definitely go out of my way to see this show in person if it were close to home. Ross also had more to say on this particular topic in his actual blog. As always, we only run the highlights, so use the link at the top of the page to read the entire Ross blog.

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