Jim Ross comments on Undertaker's last match, the likelihood of WrestleMania taking place in London, and the controversial UFC 167 main event

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Nov 17, 2013 - 01:10 PM

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.'s BBQ products, visit

-Ross on Undertaker's last match: "When Taker decides to hang up his boots and perform a his last WrestleMania that decision should become the focal, promotional point of that particular WrestleMania event. Nothing could be booked that would be bigger or more memorable. I still think that is should happen in Cowboy's Stadium aka Jerry's World in Arlington, Texas with 100,000 strong in attendance but only when Taker is ready."

Powell's POV: And my best guess remains that we have not seen John Cena attempt to end The Streak because they are saving that for Taker's final match. It would be a huge showdown match with a lot of intrigue, as even the savviest of fans would be wondering whether Taker would retire with The Streak intact or pass the torch to Cena in his swan song.

-Ross on holding WrestleMania in London: "Apparently John Cena made a comment about WWE hosting a WrestleMania in London some day. I'd assume that Cena was speculating while interacting with the fans in attendance at a live, WWE event as I've never heard any serious talk about WWE holding their biggest, annual event in London or any where else that it can't be live in North America on a Sunday night at 7 pm eastern time.
Could it happen? Any thing can happen in WWE if they choose to pull the trigger. Will it happen? I have serious doubts."

Powell's POV: WrestleMania seems like a stretch, but I could see WWE experimenting with an overseas "pay-per-view" once the WWE Network is launched. They won't have to be held to a set time slot on their network, and they could always replay an event in the traditional pay-per-view time slot.

-Ross on the UFC 167 main event: "Unfortunate decision Saturday night in the main event at UFC 167, at least in my uneducated and arguably biased opinion as Johny Hendricks got hosed in his split decision loss to George St. Pierre for the UFC Welterweight Title. This are major issues the state of Nevada has to address as inconsistent judging and embarrassing finishes can drive away PPV customers which can cost the UFC big money if the paying customers become overly frustrated with PPV events."

Powell's POV: I had Hendricks winning the fight, but as I mentioned last night, I think a case can be made for GSP winning a close first round, which would have been enough to give him the fight on points. That said, UFC has had some awful boxing-like decisions over the years and I agree with Ross that something has to change. Ross mentioned that it can cost the company money. I mentioned boxing because I was a big fan of boxing, but the ridiculous scoring decisions were a big part of the reason I lost all interest in the sport. By the way, Ross had a lot more to say about UFC judging in his actual blog. As always, we only run the highlights, so use the link at the top of the page if you want to read it in its entirety.

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